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No one understands Internal Pain

Dealing with chronic pain is not easy, no one understands the pain you are feeling but yourself. Its hard to explain to those around you because it is not visible. 

They see you smile and think you are ok, while inside you are barely holding by a thread. You feel broken mentally and physically and you begin to think that you will never be good enough. Your negative self-talk and doubt stop you from taking back your life. I know how this feels I went through this till I decided it was time to control my illness rather than it control me.

Are you ready to make changes in your life so you can manage your pain by balancing you mind, heart & gut? Ready to stop hiding behind emotional crutches and create a better life?

If this sound like you then it's time to take charge and change your life to the one you deserve!! 

My Purpose

My purpose is to provide you with mindset tools and healthy practices to better manage your pain mentally and physically.  

I will work with you to understand your physical challenges, the triggers behind your pain. Help you explore what will and will not work for you in order to develop a higher level of health and wellbeing.

I am here to provide you with a safe space to explore your body as a whole, mind, heart and gut so that you can come up with a simple solution to better manage your pain.

My Coaching is based on these three pillars

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Lifestyle Change
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Mindset Change
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Change your lifestyle to live a happy, healthier life. We will look at how I can help you make the changes you want to make with your food and exercise, what you are currently eating, how much movement you are doing, and how to tailor this. Hence, it becomes a lifestyle for you. The journey is yours, and you will lead it, and I am just there as your guide to support you through the changes you wish to make. 

Changing your mindset is the first big step, and by contacting me, you are already on your way. It's not easy to shift how we think, especially when we have been living with specific fears and beliefs all our lives, things we have picked up along the way. Thoughts that stop us from moving forward, hiding behind our buffers, whatever these may be. For some, it's alcohol, others it's food, or it can be shopping or Netflix. But, I will work with you to break through your barriers & limiting beliefs so you can live the life you deserve.

Self-Care is so important to us, and it is something that is taken for granted. To me, Self-Care is more than taking time out to have coffee or go to the spa, even though this is all a nice luxury. However, to manage your pain, you need to learn to manage your level of stress and therefore learn to prioritise yourself. Surround yourself with positive people, learn to say no, create a loving environment in your home. I will support and guide you through this journey of emotional wellbeing. I will help you develop simple action items for you to implement; I will hold you accountable for these steps; however, I will also be your biggest cheerleader. It's not an easy journey, but it's worth the effort in the end when you have gotten rid of all the "internal junk" and can finally look into that mirror and say "I love you".

Being in constant chronic pain is never a good time. Let me help you to balance your mind and body, allowing you to manage your pain better.

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6 sessions focused on establishing a program tailored specifically for you. Breaking through your fears, hesitations & limiting beliefs in becoming the best version of yourself.

1 x 90 initial min consultation

5 x 60 min sessions over a period of  3 months

Email & Chat support during  consultations

Short - Term Goal setting and action plan to achieve these goals

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Intensive program working on growth and results. Focusing on mindset and emotional blocks that has stopped you from making the changes to live a better and healthier life.

1 x 90 min initial consultation

10 x 60 min sessions over 6 month

Email & Chat support between coaching sessions, 

Long term Goal setting and action plan to achieve these goals

Play-work assignments to keep you motivated and moving forward in between sessions

In a society that says "put yourself last", self-love and self-acceptance is almost revolutionary - Brene Brown